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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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i hope that this will make us more ethical persons what would life be like as a cyborg and what do you think will happen society does the human race upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this cycle human machines starting february first on t.w. . alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven now valetta the capital of the thai the mediterranean island of malta is currently making headlines it's just been inaugurated as a european capital of culture so expect a dense year long program of events to mark the island's colorful heritage including parade sense spectacular performance. but another darker side of the
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island is also in the headlines because malta is mired in corruption that it's believed could extend right up to the highest levels of government there's been huge concern about last year's killing of a crusading journalist in a car bomb attack and now a former anti corruption investigator who was dismissed from his post after speaking out say's he's received death threats our reporter has had the opportunity to meet with him. jonathan ferris is on his way to speak before a delegation of members of the european parliament he wants to express his concern about what's happening in malta. the north. tower that is. how it came to be is that talk wipes of ross like a loss for words as for the government that is until her murder journalist
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stephanie caro nicolete exposed organized crime and corruption in her popular blog she accused conrad miti a minister and keep scam free the chief of staff to the prime minister of establishing offshore shell companies she used information leaked in the panama papers suspicious payments were made to both politicians allegedly bribes khurana also claimed that michelle must guard wife of maltese prime minister joseph muscat created an offshore company called a grant the journalist said that a payment of one million euros was made to the company using a secret bank account the source of her information was a former bank employee. found documents in the safe to pay two documents both of them declarations of trust. by individuals the nominees who has a says that a granting in the name of mrs michelle scott. five months later definitely cover
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monica leads he was killed by a car bomb did she know too much. perhaps jonathan ferris does too the former police officer who is known as a tireless investigator had recently joined the maltese government's anti money laundering agency he was to lead an investigation of the allegations against the first lady of the of all these people go big on stories of is a very big moment it. well when in reality it's a pile of. the multis government has prohibited farris from revealing anything else he's convinced that corruption is pervasive in malta. of the old how it was going to go about it or how i would be. guiding my people going my way of as a good as going about it the following day by you know i was out of oil for us.
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because his performance did not meet expectations says the agency but faris thinks he was fired for political reasons. and the prime minister he simply dismissed the allegations as fake news he stopped the investigation called fresh elections and won many people are fine with that because mountains economy is booming but allegations of government corruption still loom large half a year later his two associates are still in office. he says make your. home work properly don't rely on very biased information being given by people who have a partisan agenda if there is any proof or even the slightest of ideas and that's the things that have been said in my regard are true i will decide on the spot and i have invited to fill those making similar allegations to make the same pledge that if these prove to be true and swore true formation leaders i've.
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definitely come on i'm going to never got that chance. and jonathan ferris was sacked before his findings could be verified the maltese police has admitted it's not acting on his evidence even though the section he led at the n.t. money laundering agency submitted a report so the police could secure evidence and freeze bank accounts. nothing happened so. if by a member of a certain. the police commissioner the police are. there a lot to be investigated so how can you say that there is no cry when you have not the investigated it's accepted but have the. jonathan ferris hopes the e.u. will put pressure on multis authorities to respect the rule of law on.
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a group of any peace has arrived in malta on a fact finding mission they want to know whether there was money laundering will financial crimes be prosecuted and does malta ensure due process for all as an e.u. member state it is obliged to but doubts remain it's been well in the wake of any type of concern about the rule of law or an alter jonathan faris has provided important information now he's scared for his safety and that of his wife and children. we have demanded he be placed under permanent police protection they've given him some but we expect him to receive around the clock protection and he's a danger for making these things public it's often the only thing the father. ferrous is fighting his dismissal in court he's consulting with his lawyer ahead of the next hearing farah says he intends to reveal everything in court he says he
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knows that much to murder journalist karr a wanted to lead and the law abiding people of malta and he's made preparations should something happen to him. so if either of those notes to of i'm not mistaken. six. further ropes with it's the sheets of notes you know so should something happen to me. everything would go public and everyone would know the truth that's that's why a vengeance. ferrous parks his car within sight of a security camera ever since the car bomb that blew up. fear has been his constant companion. well more corruption though this time a roumanian style and tens of thousands of people have again been protesting against clones
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a new law was introduced in romania by the country's governing social democrats and critics say the legislation will shield the party's influential leader livia dragnet from charges of embezzlement and abuse of office as we see now some of the people who are protesting against these measures of come a very long way to express their anger. these people who have been on the road for ten days walking hundreds of kilometers they come from clues in the transylvania region and to having to book arrest in a march against government corruption. all the rest are coming we stand together. another thirty kilometers to their destination a huge rally in the remaining capital one of the protesters is georgia too he has walked four hundred fifty kilometers guided by a companion because he's blind he's incensed at planned new laws that could shield
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politicians and civil servants from prosecution for corruption. we have to eliminate this problem of corruption it's eating us up alive our future our children's future is at stake what should i do leave the country our ancestors fought hungry and barefoot's they gave their lives for freedom. now we have freedom but what do we do with it spit on it. that's evident we are devoted so. yes we are sick and tired of the appalling crassness and incompetence of this government it's time we had officials who want to do something for the country for us not just for themselves. the white haired man here is the focus of the protestors anger leave you dragomir chairman of romania's . social democrats here on his way to be questioned by anti graft prosecution is dragon a i was ineligible to become prime minister because he was convicted of
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election fraud and is accused of misusing european union funds but he is viewed as the mastermind of the proposed reform of the justice system that would weaken remaining as public prosecutors and rewrite the penal code dragon as seems unfazed by criticism from the european commission. has been with all due respect you should inform yourselves better. judge hora to do bravo is flabbergasted by the new draft for the penal code it would ban police and public prosecutions from using video or audio recordings as evidence he shows us examples on his computer in one case the camera documents corrupt politicians taking bribes and other catches a pedophile molesting children in an elevator brother says the justice reform would mean such footage could no longer be used. for political for the. general who received this kind of technical forensic evidence is very important in
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prosecuting crimes of violence to be brought there are. but in the future the use of such evidence will be illegal. this is the height of irresponsibility. that. george about two and his fellow matches have arrived in bucharest after eleven days on the road soaking west but with unbroken spirits they stand in front of the social democratic party's headquarters they're demonstrating against the arbitrary justice reform and for a more democratic romania. seven we're sending a signal against a humiliating dirty politics. by evening sixty thousand people have gathered in central book arrest georgia proud to feels proud that cerny have responded to the call issued by the matches from kluge. yes we hope that our gesture and this
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gathering functions as an alarm signal and everyone understands that what the political class is doing or no longer be tolerated. why yes it does what. remaining our overcame communism now people here say it's time to overcome corruption and strengthen democracy. it was the notorious motto above the gate of the auschwitz concentration camp arbeit macht frei it read work sets you free in the twenty seventh of january is holocaust memorial day which each year marks the anniversary of the liberation of the death camp now around six million jews were killed on the hitler's germany but some fled to albania and what is today's kosovo where they were saved by ordinary men and women many motivated by a traditional albanian code of honor known as besa our report begins with a moving encounter. a prisoner in
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a town in the south of course of on foot team dimitri who is jewish and gans for his needs a muslim are meeting with us today to show us how different religious communities once lived side by side in relative peace a fact that is largely forgotten today. he sure got the day as the catholic church . there's a jewish building but the orthodox church and a little further on the mosque. tell me. the two are here to recall the cruel past that brought their families together more than seventy years ago. german forces took control of costs of zero and albania in september one thousand nine hundred forty three a puppet government was installed and a special s.s. division was set up to help the nazis round up the jewish population. but there was resistance among local loud bang ians many of whom refused to look on passively
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to their coverage. which they're used to represent people in prison ran always had great sympathy and tolerance. they not only talked but they really helped each other. and that competition. vote eames mother's life was saved by the great grandfather against rez need. his proud descendants show us pictures of the successful tradesmen the developed muslim had businesses throughout the region and used his contacts to help jews who were seeking refuge. micha to get in this car he come here and his friends drove many jews who came to kosovo and had to get to albania or other countries or ship. uganda or document that she only had to find false papers people and not that do that. not
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every your jewish names were often changed into muslim names. against takes us to take on a town in northern constable where his great grandfather owned several businesses and was able to help many people he and another relative take us around the streets and show us where jews were hidden from the s.s. and their henchmen many of the buildings were destroyed during the course of a war almost twenty years ago little has been done to rebuild them. just a breakdown if you don't hear his helpers smuggled many jews through this street he got there bringing them to the village where our ancestors lived. up affairs but he then smuggled them to albania. and hit them from the occupiers as we saw in your book about all of. the ruins are mute witnesses to these heroic acts over two
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thousand jews were saved from nazi persecution they were taken in as part of the family according to the traditional albanian honor code besa which obliges people to care for those in need. of them but in the chair or we have this tradition here in this region that. we're even bound to risk our own lives to save the lives of others but with the earth or. the two families never lost contact after against his great grandfather saved mother. back in prison the team shows us pictures that bear witness to the vibrancy of jewish life before the war. last year shiva jewish. despite besa many jews were deported including members of his family this is the list of those who were killed but his
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mother survived thanks to against his great grandfather. kitchen never without this help hitler's plan would have succeeded in my hitlerian she nobody would have survived if albanians hadn't fought against the so-called final solution. nuclear cannot prove. against resnick she inherited his great grandfather's prayer beads not only a remembrance but the symbol of a promise. and it is said that albania was the only country in europe to emerge from world war two with a larger jewish population than before it shows the importance of not looking away and one country where too many people of these days looking away is friends which has the largest jewish community in europe totaling half a million people now in recent years though thousands have been leaving for israel
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many others say they're thinking of joining the exit s. why well because of the growing climate of anti semitic violence much of it coming from france's muslim population focus on europe susana durga has the story. until a few days ago as easel would kosher groceries to the jewish community in the paris suburb of create a now nothing is left of the shelves an arsonist destroyed the shop as he spent years building up. the mall maybe this was my baby and i was like. i worked hard here in this store twelve to fifteen hours a day to build it up. and now it's been reduced to nothing. as e's doesn't want to show his face because he's afraid of further attacks for weeks unknown vandals have been sneering swastikas on jewish
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shops including the one aziz read but izzy's himself is not jewish he's a muslim boba originally from algeria. felt as if someone had painted a swastika on my back. it's not just a property damage i feel threatened personally. now i have a better idea of how the jews feel. me. about fifteen thousand jews live here in creating a together with a much larger muslim community in recent years there have been repeated attacks on jews mainly by young muslims but hardly anyone wants to talk openly about this development not even this jewish grocer who is friends with aziz in. the store because well i don't want to accuse anyone. i have good relations with people from north africa and other parts of africa. in my view so what i'm against is the
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idea that the conflict between israelis and palestinians can be moved here to french soil. on the other holes but the situation is growing ever more difficult in france where increasingly vicious anti jewish propaganda is spreading new rumors pop up almost every day says rudy rushed out a member of the organization conspiracy watch. about rules explain everything bad that happens in the world gets attributed to a jewish conspiracy but it was just for example the attacks in france and elsewhere in europe. but also economic crises or popular uprisings. even when renown people die people will insinuate a jewish plot. the jews or the zionists are suspected of pulling all the threads. right says one of the most vocal and he
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semites in france is this man alonso ryle a journalist and publisher who calls himself a national socialist and has just published a new edition of hitler's mind comfort so raw internet pages get five million visitors each month serai openly tries to stir up young muslims. i will do me for i did i want to cajole you have to abandon your loser rome was real book it's as if you were playing poker with just deuces while the others have aces up their sleeves. you have to be clever and strategic or you'll keep losing. and surrounds ideas find listeners. more fit with the jews of a secret rulers of the world they sit way at the top and we're at the bottom of what it's like a sect. think they're only interested in advancing their own community. anti semitic cliches they can have fatal consequences in april twenty seventeen
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in this parish st a young muslim and high on drugs broke into the apartment of the jewish physicians holy me he beat her reviled her a satan and threw her out the window to her death. the attorney for sarah holy nice family has done everything he could to have the deed categorized as an anti semitic crime so hey by the way if i hadn't launched a campaign in the press two months after the crime there might not even have been a trial they would have said the guy was crazy you can't judge him and no one would have talked about it anymore. is the idea of the why bother. backing create a as these and his jewish friend agree ignoring the problem is no solution they say all of france must finally face and fight the bigotry together
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and that is surely an appeal not just to the people of france but to all of us. now on a lighter note let's go now to the far north of europe to finland which is said to have the most passionate current ok singers in the world with the possible exception of course of the inventors of this weird and wonderful pastime the japanese sound as our reporter has been finding out the finns can and do sing in some very unexpected places. if you can't make it on the big stage then maybe it's time to try the karaoke bar. and here in the finnish capital helsinki there are plenty of places for want to be singers to shine. and even in supposedly quiet places like this one. in finland libraries are often seen as cultural centers and some are trying something different. than the.
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other. it's very popular it's i think there's an instant in some foxes to rumors about one month in so you have to worry already we have a room room for this song called so it doesn't really bother other cos the most. this library near helsinki is the only one of its kind to date for the singers here karaoke is more than just a way to pass the time south in my youth you never showed too much emotion of singing was always good for being able to express your feelings yet at the time of the end all of us i love singing so and i love singing and it's a great opportunity to meet your good friends here that we're sort of.
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in some places there's even karaoke in the bathroom the on the up the. list. but your car. everywhere so green all the time so that when we want to leave it be in the spotlight at one time and it's dark here all the time yeah it's a refresh. so who minds a little dissonance when on a dark winter's night a stage like this can bring such joy. when i should i suppose sing and dance as i leave the studio but i'm not going to do it so i would go like to say thanks very much for joining us here on focus on europe if you want to see any of our reports again just go to our home page on d.w. dot com all visit our facebook page details on your stories and to come back next. time around until one for me and by far i found trips. thank
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you i'm. putting. the i'm. eleven. move. to move. move move move. move. move. move. move move move move. move to. cut cut cut cut. cut
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cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut. cut. cut cut cut cut. cut cut. cut cut. into the conflict zone the for my guest this week here in kiev is a stateless he's a former president of georgia a former regional government in ukraine found hanging over him multiple allegations of criminal activity and he's michel saakashvili once the falling of the west for spearheading the rose revolution in georgia clubhouse you know made too many enemies and run out of rows of the fukushima g.w. the folks trying to preserve bio diversity move except the current
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goes one end to the litany of tests in the last five months on we are going to be global i.d.s. presents on science from all over the world to follow traditional knowledge and if there is a severe blow to use it to make it see it will help ease pain to food trucks. i live on the coast i feel it's my duty to protect the area and that's why i bring my students here to play that may lead to love named chips in a game. visions. of our strategy is based on the traditional lifestyle of the bulk of it as a way of preserving the environment for future generations out of uniform. global i.d.'s on facebook and into a. circle of fear. d.w. correspondent you're in russia joe is in chechnya. islamic state has recruited more
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young people here than anywhere else. and more and more attention fighters are now returning home they're both respected and feared. how will this affect chechen society. circlets fear today on d w news. frank food. international gateway to the best connection road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers triallists services. alan gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from a bought. this
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is news coming to you live from berlin scientific breakthrough or an ethical dilemma in the making researches in china have cloned monkeys using the same technology that brought us dolly the sheep so how far from being able to clone humans i put that question to a science and it's also on the program turkey vows to press ahead with operations targeting u.s. backed cars in northern syria that despite a warning from washington to deescalate the situation or risk facing a clash with you.


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